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Nextworks Voice Operator Panel

As an optional service, caller activity for your organization can be seen online. For the web address and password, please refer to your Nextworks Voice Help Guide. (This PDF document is customized specifically for you organization. Email support@next-works.com if you don't have it.)

Once connected you will see a dashboard like the following:

From this panel you can:

  • See which coworkers are on the phone
  • Transfer calls
  • Place and answer calls (in conjunction with your desk phone or softphone)
  • See how many callers are waiting in the queue (if enabled for your organization)

To see what the buttons across the top do, just move your mouse over each button for a pop-up description.

Additional Functionality

To learn about more capabilities, see Other Phone Features.

A more comprehensive Nextworks Voice Guide has been provided to the management of your organization. This document further defines your phone system and how it is deployed in your organization. Each system may have unique functionality.

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