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Remote Support

A Nextworks helpdesk technician can connect to your computer for assistance. When you click one of the links below, a small program will be downloaded to your computer. Please run the program and provide us with the code.
As an alternative you can use Windows Quick Assist.

Helpdesk Request

Open a new case or review the status of any open requests.
Email    ∿    Client Login
You may also call 360-558-7665.
If you would like to report a quality issue with your Nextworks Voice™ phone, you can do so here.

Add/Remove Employee

Let us conduct the Nextworks IT requirements for personnel changes.
Add Employee    ∿    Remove Employee    ∿    Replace Employee

Add/Remove Phone Extension

Let us conduct the Nextworks Voice requirements for personnel changes.
Add Extension    ∿    Remove Extension   ∿    Reassign Extension

Nextworks Agent

By installing the Nextworks Agent, we can more quickly assist you in the future. Your Nextworks support representative will instruct you which one to use.
Windows    ∿    Mac

Cybersecurity Portal

Start on the path to greater cybersecurity awareness. If you don't have access to our Cybersecurity Portal, please contact our help desk and we'll get you started.
Nextworks Cybersecurity Portal    ∿    Portal Manager Training    ∿    Resources

Secure Message Sharing

This easy tool allows you to securely share information with the Nextworks help desk team.
Enter Your Secure Message   (access code: 1138)

Nextworks Voice Guides

These guides help you to take full advantage of your Nextworks Voice telephone system.
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Articles, Newsetter, & Blogs

Nextworks helps to keep you current with technology industry insights.
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IT Services Survey

We have a short 7 question survey if you would like to let us know how we are doing.
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Nextworks Email Security

Protect your organization from advanced email threats with Nextworks Email Security. We also encourage you to send out this Phishing Awareness PDF document to all of your staff.
What is it?    ∿    Training Video    ∿    Phishing Awareness PDF

Microsof 365 uses multifactor authentication. For this, they have created the Microsoft Authenticator app for smart phones. Here is how to get set up.
Training Video


A helpdesk technician may make a file available for you.
Secure Downloads (password needed)    ∿    Soft Phone Downloads

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