Helpdesk Request

Open a new case or review the status of any open requests.
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You may also call 360-558-7665.
If you would like to report a quality issue with your Nextworks Voice™ phone, you can do so here.

Remote Support

A Nextworks helpdesk technician can connect to your computer and assist.
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Add/Remove Employee

Let us conduct the Nextworks IT requirements for personnel changes.
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Add/Remove Phone Extension

Let us conduct the Nextworks Voice requirements for personnel changes.
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A helpdesk technician may make a file available for you.
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Nextworks Agent

By installing the Nextworks Agent, we can more quickly assist you in the future. Your Nextworks support representative will instruct you wich one to use.
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Phishing Awareness

Don't be a victim of a scam. Spend just a few minutes and be more alert.
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Secure Message Sharing

This easy tool allows you to securely share information with the Nextworks help desk team.
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Nextworks Voice Guides

View the guides to your Nextworks Voice telphone system.
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Nextworks IT Services Survey

We have a short 7 question survey if you would like to let us know how we are doing.
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